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Baxters Cranberry Sauce 190g

Baxters Cranberry Sauce 190g

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Baxters Cranberry Sauce is a tasty sauce made only with the finest ingredients. It is made with delicious cranberries, and it has a sharp flavour with a sour hit that goes excellently with turkey, but pairs well with whatever your choice of meat may be. You can also enjoy it with a brie sandwich, or with other types of cheese. A truly exquisite cranberry delight that will tantalise your taste buds and enhance any dish. Enjoy the subtle sweetness and tart vibrancy of Baxters Cranberry Sauce and discover an elevated dining experience.

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Cranberries (31%), Sugar, Water, Concentrated Redcurrant Juice, Cornflour, Lemon Juice, Concentrated Elderberry Juice.


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